It’s always nice to get a piece of gear that exceeds my expectations and surprises me by how functional it is, and how much I enjoy using it! This is especially true for gear I don’t really like to use, namely, PPE. I recently acquired a pair of ETHOS VLD glasses from Arclite Optics after seeing a number of my shooting partners using them, and some having used them for years. Read the full review.

I was first introduced to Arclite Optics Ethos Sheild glasses in 2015-2016 during a Sin City Precision event by my friend Lars. Initially they seemed a little unorthodox compared to eye protection I was already accustom to using, but it didn’t take long and I began to understand the differences behind their design. Read the full review.

These are some of the best all around glasses that I’ve owned. The engineering and well thought design is obvious at first impression. They wrap around the head for a great fit, but don’t squeeze as others I’ve worn. I like that they fit well while wearing a motorcycle helmet as well. I almost forget I’m wearing them at all most of the time. Seamless lens design is great for wind deflection, best I’ve experienced. The lenses don’t distort vision at all, and I love the ease of interchangeability. Lens quality is top grade and not easily scratched. I really like the different lens options. Mine have been through some harsh environments and still look new after cleaning. Rubberized arms hold up well and don’t show signs or warping or separation as some other brands do. Would recommend for anyone.


I’ve had the luxury of using the ArcLite for a few years through it’s R&D process. They have listened to the users and refined and created a product I use for a variety of purposes. They are great on my motorcycle, I love them for shooting and they’ve become my absolute favorite eye protection in the welding shop. I hammer these things, wear them all day and I’ve had zero issues with durability, clarity or comfort. Definitely give them a try!

Jake Hutchinson

The best view, comfort, and protection of any eyepro in existence! Nothing blocks your view in any direction, airflow keeps them from fogging up, and the earpieces are by far the most comfortable you will ever wear under a headset. These are a huge leap from the Ethos,can’t even imagine what would come next!


I found these eye pro to be the most comfortable set I’ve ever used. They work very well under ear projection and a helmet. On top of that, the field of view is second to none with no frames to get in the way of vision. Eye coverage is excellent as well, minimizing debris/projectiles injuring you eyes. The photochromic lens is well done even though the lens doesn’t go completely clear. I would like to see another option for the ETHOS VLD with a photochromic lens that goes completely clear in low light environments. I know some people in the past have questioned the cosmetic look of Arclite. I think they look fine and more importantly they do the job they are intended to do very well…protect your eyes!

J Alex

I was introduced to Arclite Optics about 1.5 years ago by my friend Matt. I was hooked from then on. Jared hooked me up with a pair and I’ve used them almost daily since. I’ve worn them on ATV’s, boats, and hanging on the side of SUV’s. I used them in various shooting competitions from local to international levels and love them. Recently I was able to get some photochromic lenses for mine, now I have a day/night pair of glasses. No more need to swap lenses. Do I recommend them? YES. They’ve saved my eyes in a burning building and from flying debris off an explosive breach.

Ray Ormond