SRS Scope Adapter

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The Arclite SRS Spotting Scope Adapter allows you to view and record images and video on your hand-held device (cellphone) through your spotting scope.

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Our SRS Scope Adapter is standard issue equipment with FBI Sniper Teams. It is the most robust and stable universal spotting scope adapter available. Unlike most universal spotting scope digitizers, which shift and move, the SRS locks solidly onto the eyepiece and locks into place for the eye relief adjustment. These features are why the SRS Scope adapter is trusted by the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team as well as all FBI Snipers. The SRS spotting scope is also an excellent option for hunters and other wildlife enthusiasts for scouting.

• Accepts Hand-held Devices from 3”- 6” in Width
• Accepts Eyepiece Diameters from 30mm – 60mm
• 4.5mm Minimum Eye Relief
• High Impact Resistant Polymer Body
• Aircraft Grade Aluminum Mounting Plate
• Rubber-Coated Stainless-Steel Mounting Pegs


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