ETHOS VLD Motorsport 3 Lens Sunglasses Kit

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The VLD is a frameless version of the venerable standard Ethos shield and features Arclite’s patent pending interlocking 2D snap technology. Each earpiece snaps into place sequentially in two steps at right angles, which interlocks the lens in multiple directions preventing dislodgement.

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Arclite Tactical Sunglasses are Military Grade durable and as such we offer a Lifetime Guarantee from any Manufacturer or Material defects, including broken earpieces, shattered lens, broken hinges, missing nose guards. Just send us your damaged sunglasses (or what's left of them) and we will send you a brand new pair!


We understand that face morphology is varied tremendously. We strive to make products that fit the greatest number of people that we can. If you’re unhappy with the fit of your Arclite Eyewear, please contact us within 30 days for a full refund on any undamaged or unaltered product. And don't worry we will cover the shipping for you.


All of our pairs of Arclite Tactical Sunglasses come with FREE shipping within the Continental United States (excludes Hawaii, Alaska, or any United States territory such as Puerto Rico). Customers outside of the United States are responsible for any additional customs fees.

The Ethos VLD was designed specifically to integrate well with helmets, which is an important feature when cycling. Vertical field of view is also a critical performance attribute to cycling eyewear and there’s nothing worse than having your vision obstructed by sunglass frames when looking up and far down your line. This is why we designed the VLD lens to have maximum vertical and horizontal field of view. These features combined with the most advances cycling specific lenses provides cyclists with an unmatched set of performance eyewear.

• Patented Flexible Thin Conformable Earpieces which provide the best comfort under cycling helmets
• Interchangeable Lenses with 2 Directional Lens/Earpiece Interlock
• Exceptional Vertical Field of View
• Full Continuous Wrap Around Protection
• Permanent Anti-fog Inner Lens Coating
• Durable Scratch Resistant Easy to Clean Outer Lens Coating
• Light Adaptive Photochromic Lens Included
• High Contrast Lens Trail Lens Included

Patented Conformable Earpiece Technology

Arclite has invented patented conformable earpiece technology that solves the age-old problem of pain and discomfort behind the ears when glasses are worn with helmets and headsets! Arclite’s earpieces bend, flex, twist and rotate to give you that custom comfort when wearing our eyewear with or without headgear.

Ballistic Performance

Protecting your eyes and vision can be a life and death matter! So why leave the level of your eye protection to chance? Arclite’s products exceed the U.S. military ballistics standards for eyewear, the highest within industry.

Buy American

Our eyewear products are proudly designed, molded, assembled and sewn in the U.S. by hard working Americans! This is something hard to find within industry today and we’re proud to be one of the very few companies to do it! Our eyewear products are Buy American Act and Berry Amendment compliant!

Lens Technology

Arclite lenses incorporate and combine the latest and greatest optical technologies, combinations and performance that you won’t find with other eyewear brands. Lens features such as anti-fog, anti-scratch, hydrophobic, anti-reflective, photochromic, high contrast and multi-layer color mirror are all features you can find combined together in Arclite lenses

Learn more about our lens technology

Field of View

Our eyes allow us to gather and process essential visual information in everyday life! When we engage in activities such as motorsports, military and tactical operations and cycling, the amount of visual information, especially in the peripheral directions, has a direct impact on our performance and safety. That’s why Arclite eyewear products have an unprecedented amount of horizontal and vertical field of view.

Optical Performance

Good vision is critical for active outdoor activities and it is vital that the quality of our visual information is optimized. Arclite lenses have optical performance and clarity that stands out among the competition. Your eyes will thank you for wearing Arclites when you experience far less eye-strain and eye-fatigue.

Aerospace Titanium Alloy and Advanced Engineering Polymers

High performance eyewear requires high performance advanced materials. Arclite frames and lenses are made of aerospace titanium alloys, high molecular weight polymers and other advanced materials that give our products the highest level of functionality, performance and durability.

Virtually Indestructible

Arclite products have been dropped, bent, twisted, stepped on, crashed, run over and hit by high-velocity projectiles, and have survived! Our products can take whatever you can dish out and they will be there to serve you day after day.

Laser Etched Lenses

We feel that the details make a difference and we go that extra mile to put finishing touches on our products. We’re proud of what we produce, which is why we laser etch our lenses! Laser engraving will last along with our very long product lifespan.

Worn by the Best

Arclite products have been worn by our most elite warriors in the toughest of situations. US Navy SEALs, US Army Special Forces, FBI HRT and FBI SWAT have all used our products in training, in real-world operations, and in the most fiercest combat in recent history.

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8 reviews for ETHOS VLD Motorsport 3 Lens Sunglasses Kit

  1. Jake Hutchinson

    I’ve had the luxury of using the ArcLite for a few years through it’s R&D process. They have listened to the users and refined and created a product I use for a variety of purposes. They are great on my motorcycle, I love them for shooting and they’ve become my absolute favorite eye protection in the welding shop. I hammer these things, wear them all day and I’ve had zero issues with durability, clarity or comfort. Definitely give them a try!

  2. Joe Comfort

    I was introduced to Arclite Optics in 2015-2016 and have been using them since. The 2 most notable benefits beyond the impact protection for me is how comfortable they are, allowing them to be worn all day in conjunction with over the ear hearing protection. I also like how the design of the frame/lens doesn’t obstruct my vision when shooting prone and viewing through a riflescope.

  3. Brandon

    I can see everything with these in all directions! My sight is not obstructed like other glasses I have used.

  4. Jay

    When it’s really hot I go to these sunglasses instead of my goggles. I love em!

  5. KDM

    Awesome product!

  6. D.E.B.

    Pretty good.

  7. Pman

    I’ve been looking for a pair of sunglasses for all of my outdoor pursuits–paragliding, skiing, mtn & road biking, hiking, trail running, and an occasional ride on a motorbike. I’ve been looking for something with more coverage, less view obstruction, lower tendency to fog up, comfortable, fit well, easy to clean, and a pair that will hold up well over time. I tend to get dry eyes while on the move (esp paragliding and on a motorcycle), as well as drip sweat and fog up glasses really easily. This is a tough balance to get, as better coverage usually means more fogging. I’ve only had these for about 3 months, but I use them 3-5 times a week. They’re great! They have performed better than any pair I’ve had, based on points I mentioned. Time will tell for durability, but so far, not a scratch, and I can tell they are constructed well (I’m a mech engineer). I find myself wearing them more than I thought I would (outside of outdoor activities) because the optics seem really good and they’re easy to clean. However, you might want to have another pair in your quiver for around town–they can be a bit in-your-face (no pun intended) if you want a casual nondescript look. For what they’re designed for, they look awesome!

  8. Corrado (verified owner)

    I wear contact lenses, and I was looking for glasses that are sturdy and fit well with my motorcycle helmets. I just got the Ethos and they are very well built, they fit my face perfectly. Counting that I live in Italy, they also arrived quickly. Sorry for the English, I used a translator.

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