Frequently Asked Questions

I have a particularly wide/narrow face. What do I do if Arclite Eyewear Doesn’t Fit?

We understand that face morphology is varied tremendously. We strive to make products that fit the greatest number of people that we can. If you’re unhappy with the fit of your Arclite Eyewear, please contact us to return any undamaged and unaltered product.

What does your warranty cover?

Arclites products are covered by a lifetime warranty for manufacturing and material defects. Arclite will review the product defects and determine if it is a result of materials or manufacturing.

Is Arclite Eyewear available for purchase through Military or Law Enforcement Contracts?

Yes, Arclite does contract with local and federal government entities. For more information please contact us via the dealer/military discount application page.

I wear corrective lenses. Are Arclite Eyewear products compatible with prescription lenses?

Yes, Arclite Eyewear products are compatible with the US Army’s Universal Prescription Lens Carrier (UPLC). Our UPLC compatible nosepiece is available for Ethos and VLD products and the UPLC is available from a number of online retailers.

Where is Arclite Eyewear Manufactured?

Arclite Eyewear products are proudly designed, molded, sewn and assembled from domestic and international materials here in the United States with the majority of the work being performed in Utah. Arclite Eyewear products are Buy American Act compliant and Berry Amendment compliant.