About Arclite Optics

Our mission is simple: Let you focus on and accomplish you mission.

At Arclite, we endlessly pursue the latest and greatest designs, technologies and materials to provide you with the best possible active eyeware protection.

You should be able to focus on accomplishing your goals without pain, eye fatigue, obstructed or blurred vision. Your glasses should simply become part of you and let you perform optimally.

We strive to give you that edge

over your competition.

We want you to fight better, ride faster, last longer and stay safer than anyone else in the field. We incorporate competitive advantages into our products that keep you more alert, identify more threats and provide a more pleasurable experience.

 We dive headfirst into the challenges you face with your eye protection and put ourselves in your boots. We measure, we brainstorm, and we get creative in coordinated efforts to aim our decades of experience at creating quality eye-wear solutions for you.

The results have been game-changing and our products are covered by 4 issued US Patents with more patents pending.



Built For Your Lifestyle.

Function & Durability Combined


No one knows protective & active eyewear technology better than the Arclite Team!

Our staff has seen and solved more technological active eyewear challenges as anyone, and we’ve made it our goal to use and share this experience by advancing the performance of our products. 

We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t and what compromises need to be made and which comprises don’t need to be made. We’re not afraid to share our experience and educate our customers so you can make the best decisions when it comes to deciding what to put over your eyes.

Our process is based on satisfying your real-world needs. We leverage information gained through our close relationships with our customers to the express intent of designing a dedicated product that suits your needs.

See for yourself why our Tactical Sunglasses will do the job.

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