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Innovative Ear Pieces

  • Super comfortable and flat earpieces that conform to the wearers head

  • Revolutionary impact dissipation technology built into the earpieces

  • Wear comfortably with hats, helmets, and communication headsets

  • Comfortable for all day use

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Proven Experience

From the fields of the fiercest fighting in recent history to the trails of the great American Western deserts and mountains, Arclite tactical sunglasses have been proven day in and day out.

Our staff has seen and solved many technological eyewear challenges, and have made it our goal to use and share this experience by advancing the performance of our products.

We design from the ground up in collaborative efforts with our key customers, such as U.S. Special Operations Forces, Professional Cycling and Motorsport Riders. Arclite embodies all the experience and technology we can bring into a product.

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Use these daily for grinding in the shop, shooting, and on long off-road motorcycle trips. They are great!

Jake H.

...Love the glasses and how they fit perfect under the helmet.

Summit County Sherriff's Office

My squad leader gave me a set of the arclite eyepro.. I have to say this is the only eyepro i've been impressed by!

US Army Infantry

Wow I’m truly impressed with the fit and sleekness of this item. Well done on the presentation with the grenade style canister and the old protractor style instruction sheet.

MSG US Army Special Forces

See for yourself why our Tactical Sunglasses will do the job.

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